Monday, July 19, 2010

Suddenly I'm focused on 'Red'

It must be plum season. Always my favorite time of the year in the Mission - and as the lucky owner of an old plum tree in the back yard, something I look forward to with great interest every year. I even plan my vacation around the fruiting days so as not to miss a single orb, barring the odd one or two that get snagged by birds or some mystery animal, most probably a beady-eyed denizen of the shadows. Only this week my suspicions were confirmed that nothing in the local fruit stalls comes close to the sweet intensity of the taste and flavor from a garden plum! There is absolutely no comparison. I feel sorry for all the sad chumps out there who think the red balls of 'Blah' they take home from the colorful veggie stands are even the same league. But then I always have had delusions of fruit grandeur.