Thursday, November 8, 2012

Good Fences make Good Fishracks?

The bloke next door likes to save the tiddlers he catches at the pier and make soup broth. Think he's from a small town in China. I have to say it really stinks something awful on a humid afternoon. The neighborhood cats like it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

We're in San Francisco. What's that gray stuff?

Hill dwellers have no idea.

The edgy ice-cream taste - leather and smoky rubber

Are Londoners really so bored with Vanilla and chocolate?

Larry of Arabia's last chopper

As usual, didn't wear a helmet coz it mussed up his 'do'.
Well he didn't come off so good - but the bike is intact at the Imperial War Museum London. Now where can I find Steve McQueen and Che Guevara's?

Training 'em to Fly Venice Beach to Santa Monica

This is where all the Swingers hang out.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whatever they were thinking... I like it.

Cruising around Bernal Heights. Roller-coaster hills and a lot of unusual color schemes. Some of those outlandishly-hued Victorians work like a charm. Over the top? Never.

Aim low and mind the high-rise.

Every time I see this scene it feels like a highly-rendered episode of the Simpsons. OK. So I'm only the 10 millionth shooter to snap this Embarcadero mash-up. Pixels are cheap, the fog's coming in and I'm trigger-happy.

Tennessee trail on 'one of those days'.

Rarely disappoints does it!
And I must have done this walk a lot of times. The waves here are much more dramatic when you stand close to the churning gravel. It feels very primal.

Waiting for a fire - Treasure Island on the horizon.

Not much going on in the way of 'drama'. It's 'B-team' boat's turn to go out and play with the water canons.
It never gets boring when you can squirt something.

César day in San Francisco and it's a hot one.

A Mission treat, the shade of the Ginko tree.

Friday, February 10, 2012

They've just got to stop meeting like this.

My neighbor, bless him, and he's not a Muslim, can bow to Mecca all afternoon as long as there's a mechanical problem somewhere down in there - or a juicy bit of gossip. Now my knees would be killing me.

Humorous notes with a tone all their own.

I'm always bumping into these witty or charming - even 'pithy' attention-getters.
Even the most mundane can catch you unawares. Thinking this might be a series I'd like to follow for a while. So expect to see me poking around Laundromats and church vestibules in the coming months.